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Thank you for coming to our website. Please be advised of some recent changes to Foodservice Industry Australia, effectove 10 October 2016.


Foodservice Industry Australia would like to announce that On Monday 10 October 2016, FIA members voted to confirm the resolution for an absorption of the FIA by the FSAA, which was passed by the FIA members, at the Special General Meeting held in Melbourne.

Purpose of the absorption:

  • The option to join with another association will provide to FIA members a national association of some significant size with more members than the FIA currently has.
  • The FSAA duplicates events with the FIA and this absorption would allow members to support one national group and attend its events and to pay one attendance fee.
  • The two organisations have some members that are members of both the FIA andthe FSAA.  The absorption eliminates the need to pay two membership fees.

At this time, the FIA Committee will work with the FSAA Board to bring the two organisations together following due diligence in compliance with the constitutions of both organisations and the regulatory body in Victoria, Consumer Affairs. It is envisaged that the absorption will take effect from 1 January 2017.

"The FIA Committee is extremely pleased with the result of their member vote.  It is a great outcome for our members and the industry in general.  We now have one strong united voice that will work towards bettering the industry whether it be lobbying government, greater scope of networking opportunities or leveraging innovations and ideas.  We look forward to seeing an Association realise year on year growth with member support in tow."

Minnie Constan, President FIA

FSAA Chairman, Sissel Rosengren commented, "That this was a significant step in the evolution of the association. The move presents a strong unified position which will benefit not only members but the broader industry. We are excited to welcome the former FIA members and will work diligently to deliver them our range of services for their benefit. It also fits the strategic direction for the FSAA where we are working toward an expanded offering to current and prospective members. We would also like to acknowledge the FIA executive for their commitment to making this happen."

For further information:

Carol Rothschild, Executive Officer                        Vince Crawley, Chief Executive Officer

Foodservice Industry Australia                               Foodservice Suppliers Association Australia

M: 0414 367 888      (FIA)                                      M: 0404 464 539    (FSAA)

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(FIA started in  August1980 and was the first foodservice organisation in Australia).





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Thursday 24 November 2016

AGM for FIA to be held at 4.00 pm

to be followed by a special Farewell event for members

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